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Stripe It Right is your one call does it all source for almost any parking lot striping or warehouse striping project need.
Below you will find an assortment of services designed to save you money and keep your business operating safely.

Houston Parking Lot Line Striping, Houston Warehouse Safety Striping, Houston Firelane Striping
Whether it's repairs, a new or complete restripe we can help you stay on budget and on schedule.
Estimates are always free, just call or email to schedule an appointment.

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Parking Lot Striping  Parking Lot Restriping
Warehouse Striping Car Stops
Handicap Spots / Signs Graffiti Removal
Epoxy Striping Fire Lanes & Zones
Distribution Center Striping Speed Bumps
Joint - Crack Sealing Asphalt Repair
Traffic Sign Installation Seal Coating
Shot Blasting Stenciling and Marking
Pressure Washing Houston CWA Recovery
 Epoxy Floors Warehouse Racking
Warehouse Overhead Signs Continuous Conduit Sign Systems
Truck Dock Lines Warehouse Staging Lines
Warehouse Rack Labels Warehouse Floor Tape

We are often asked what is the best type of warehouse striping for my facility?
The answer to that has many variables. Cost, Down Time and Longevity of the product.

Let's look at them individually-
Cost is a major driver in any decision-immediate cost, maintenance cost and total cost all have to be considered.
Epoxy Warehouse Striping costs are higher than traffic paint upfront but it has a much lower maintenance cost and will out last traffic paint by many years.
Epoxy Warehouse Striping cleans easily and is more durable than regular traffic paint.

 Traffic paint on a warehouse floor may only last a few months to few years vs up to 10+ years for epoxy.
Warehouse floor tapes can be inexpensive $10-15 a roll all the way up to over $200 per roll and all tapes are not created equal.
Some tear easily and others are about as thick as a credit card and are extremely strong. Some projects painting is not an option so tapes are necessary.

Down time is another factor that has to be considered on any warehouse project
Can you be closed on a Saturday/Sunday for the work to be done?
Can you keep your facility open for overnight work?
Can you stay off the painted lines until they cure?(hours to days depending upon the product/and temperatures)

Longevity must also be considered. You don't want to invest thousands of dollars into a product that will not last
Maybe you will only be in the facility a short time, or maybe you have to remove the lines at a later date.
We can help you find the right striping material at the best possible price for your situation.
  Epoxy Paint Floor Tapes
Cost $$ $ $$$
Durability High Med Med to Low
Install Time Slower Fast Fast

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