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Stripe it Right is a family owned business. Everyone likes to throw that term around a little loosely but we are what we say.
My Dad Alan started striping many years ago with just one machine and no help. He soon grew to 3 machines and a few helpers.
After working at it for many years he decided to retire and I took over.  
My name is Brian and I am the one who answers the phone and performs most of the estimates and it is my goal to provide you with exceptional personal service.
While my crews perform most of the work now, I still supervise every job underway to ensure you get the best job possible.

We have over 40 years of industrial, commercial and municipal experience marking lots and warehouses in Texas.
We utilize airless line striping equipment and chalk all our lines for a straight and superior long lasting job. We don't eyeball anything.
You won't see us using masking tape, mini paint rollers and boards to make our lines - yes we've seen it done and yes we've had to come behind those guys and fix it right. Occassionally we may employ the use of these tools in tight spots where the machines will not fit, but it is not the best way to stripe.

Before you accept that lowest bid you might ask them how they intend to stripe your lot.  Do they have an airless spray rig?
Nothing ruins a curb appeal and your customers first impression like a bad striping job. Budgets can easily double or triple when bad work has to be corrected.
Those aerosol cans and the little marking cart you can buy from home improvement stores will not produce quality lines either
You can buy cheap parking lot paint from any number of suppliers. We exclusively use Sherwin Williams Parking Lot Paint.
Our experience has shown us that it does cost a little more but it last longer and retains it's color better than the cheap stuff.
On our warehouse striping projects we utilize a 2 part epoxy from PPG that outpeforms any other brand we have come across.

Ask your contractor to see at least 3 jobs/addresses of parking lots completed.
Ask them for 3 jobs/addresses of warehouses they have completed.

One problem we often come across in warehouse striping is inexperienced installers. A number of parking lot striping guys automatically figure they can stripe a warehouse because they have been striping for years. Well some get lucky but most just make a mess out of the facility. The only thing parking lot and warehouse striping share is the word striping. Spraying epoxy is not something just any parking lot machine can do. A larger and stronger striping machine is required because of the viscosity of epoxy. The floor preparation is also different from a parking lot.

We have installed over 1 Million Feet of paint and have had the pleasure of working with some of America's Finest Companies

Cocal Cola, FedEx, Poly America, Air Gas, City of Pearland, County of Brazoria, Jacobson, ALDI, Powell Industries, EZ Line, Walworth, US Army Corps of Engineers, Fuddruckers, Silver Leaf Resorts, Southeastern Freight Lines, Lennox, Home Depot, Lowes, and many many more.

Save yourself time, frustration and money and call the professionals who do things right- Stripe It Right
Our name says it all!