Parking Lot and Warehouse Striping

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Parking Lot Striping Services:

Maintaining the stripes oin your lot will greatly improve the overall appearance of your facility. Many property and facility managers will use parking lot striping for a quick, powerful, and affordable means to invigorate the appearance of their properties. Parking lots that are properly laid-out and painted will create a sense of safety and organization for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Whether your parking lot painting project is maintenance or new construction, Stripe It Right is ready to help.

Industry Terms Relating to Parking Lot Striping:

Types of Line Striping Offered:

There are several options when it comes to parking lot striping layouts and styles. Stipe It Right can help you decide things such as: Do I want single lines? or Double lines? Or Do I want straight end design or the popular round end design for the parking line? We can help with the design of your stalls or follow a set of well drawn blueprints. It's entirely up to you. Its best to consult your city planner before you make any design decision that can affect your parking lot users.



Types of Paint Offered:

There are many different paint products to choose from based on the type of parking lot striping you need done. Trueline is very familiar with all of these products listed below, plus may others. If you have a custom lot striping paint you would like us to use that's not a problem either. If you contact us we can discuss your paint options to find a solution that's right for you. When choosing the paint always consult with your salesmen or local paint rep for the best fit for your specific striping application.